Research Overview

My research broadly focuses on the development of optimization methodologies to solve challenging business problems. I mostly work with industry partners to solve large-scale business problems that are unstructured and highly uncertain.

Below is a list of my research in progress and publications:

Research in Progress

  • Vehicle Routing with Home Delivery Predictors

  • Optimizing Long-term Job Matching for an Online Marketplace

  • Dynamic Optimization of Email Promotional Campaigns

  • Optimal Contact Center Staffing and Scheduling

  • Recombining Customer Journeys with Probabilistic Device Matching

  • Multi-channel Conversion Attribution

  • Consumer Debt Collection

  • Pricing of Advanced Reservations for Parking Spaces

Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Puterman, M. L. and Wang, Q., Optimal Design of the PGA Tour; Relegation and Promotion in Golf, Proceedings of MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, 2011.

  • Puterman, M. L. and Wang, Q., Optimal Dynamic Clustering Through Relegation and Promotion: How to Design a Competitive Sports League, Quantitative Analysis in Sports, 7, issue 2, Article 7, 2010.